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How to calculate the battery power

In international sea freight, international express delivery and international air freight, batteries or products with batteries less than 100W can be directly transported. Those with batteries more than 100W are dangerous goods, and transportation is also classified as dangerous goods transportation. For such a rule, it is often necessary to know the power of the battery when sending such products, so as to know whether it can be exported smoothly.

The external label of the battery generally does not indicate the power of the battery, but indicate the capacitance and output voltage of the battery. How to quickly calculate the power of the battery through these two parameters? Here we introduce a very simple and practical "power calculation formula of battery" to friends engaged in foreign trade or international freight forwarding industry. In daily work, when the customer only provides the capacitance and voltage of the battery, the power of the battery can be quickly calculated by this way, which can help save a lot of time and energy. As professionals, if you don't know how to calculate the battery power, which is the basic common sense, and it will make customers feel that your business capability is insufficient.

Calculation formula of battery power Calculation formula of battery power: battery power (Wh) = battery voltage (V) x battery capacity (Ah)

Battery power (WH) refers to "watt hour" rather than "kilowatt hour" (WH is the unit of energy, W is Watt, h is hour).

The battery voltage (V), international unit system of voltage is volt (V for short). The commonly used units include millivolt (MV), Microvolt (μV), kilovolt (kV). The conversion formula between them is as follows: 1kV=1000V 1V=1000mV 1mV=1000μv

Battery capacity (AH): A. H = ampere hour, the unit to measure the capacity of the storage equipment, which can be simply understood as: 1A. H means that the storage equipment can work continuously for 1 hour when the current intensity is 1A. The conversion formula between AH and MAH is 1A = 1000mA.

For example: the capacitance of Xiaomi's mobile power supply (power bank) is 5000 MAH, the output voltage is 1.5V, and the output current is 2.1A. We first convert the capacitance MAH, milliampere, into ampere; 5000 / 1000 = 5 AH

Then the battery power (WH) of this millet mobile power supply = battery voltage (V) x battery capacity (AH) = 1.5 V * 5 AH = 7.5 WH:

The output power of this Xiaomi mobile phone power bank is 1.5V * 2.1A = 3.15WH Note that the power of the battery itself and the output power of the battery are two concepts. International express and international air freight refer to the battery's power,which need to be less than 100 WH, not the output power. The label on the outside of the battery usually has the full charge capacity of the battery and the current output of the battery.

Now you have learned the simplest way to calculate the battery power. You only need to find the "voltage" and "capacitance" of the battery to quickly calculate the power of the battery. Of course, the customers can also directly ask the seller about it. Some sellers (especially Taobao sellers and Jingdong customer service) don't understand these professional knowledge, so the customers can only rely on themselves to master how to calculate the battery power.