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There are many kinds of batteries made in China. Lithium battery / alkaline battery / Ni Cd battery / Ni MH battery / lithium polymer battery and custom-made batteries. Especially shipping lithium batteries, lithium batteries have high capacity, high voltage use for Mobile phones,computers,toys some small products. Batteries more and more important use for high-tech products. Without batteries all high-tech products can not work. Over 80% batteries made by Chinese companies and over 90 Chinese batteries company local in Guangdong province.

Batteries belong to dangerous goods when shipping by sea or by air by international express. Shipping batteries by sea take very long time drifting on the ocean, the sun shines on the container the temperature has gone up, inside the container the temperature will over 80 degrees. Under high temperatures batteries easily cause the explosion. Shipping batteries by air might cause a fire risk.

Batteries can be shipped, but it is very important packages and fill documents to follow shipping companies, airline companies, international express companies. Shipping batteries are not like shipping general cargo. Using professional freight forwarding company shipping batteries is good way for shipping batteries.

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